2018 Team

Result: 61st

This year’s car was built on a platform of reliability and validation in order to mitigate previous design issues. An updated, more aggressive timeline allowed us to stress test the car numerous times, as well as give our drivers hours of experience behind the wheel.

2017 Team

Result: 69th

This year’s car and all the hard work that went into it is dedicated to Whitley Russo, a loyal alumnus of the team who tragically passed away in 2016.

2016 Team

Result: 74th

Unique design elements include wireless telemetry, undertray, and a bigger hammer in honor of recently retired machine shop director Pat Harkins.

2015 Team

Result: 39th

In 2015, an emphasis was placed on optimizing the designs of previous years and acquiring data that could be utilized in order to develop a better understanding of the dynamics of our vehicle. For the first time, we collected data from both wheel speed sensors and shock-pots to be analyzed in suspension tuning.

2014 Team

Result: 83rd

2013 Team

Result: 43rd

2012 Team

Result: 84th

2011 Team

Result: 91st