We are a student-run Formula SAE team that annually designs, manufactures, and assembles a formula-style race car.

Each year, we travel to Michigan International Speedway to compete against over 100 other student teams from around the world. Judged by industry professionals and track-tested against other teams' efforts, our goal is to develop the most exhilirating and innovative vehicle we possibly can.


From materials science testing on our carbon-fiber suspension linkages, to our sand-casted custom oil pan, to our beautifully crafted cockpit and driver controls systems, all our designs must live up to our most stringent standards.

We are judged by industry professionals on our application and understanding of engineering design principles at competition, so every part is scrutinized before it goes on the car.


Thanks to our incredible manufacturing team, we have been able to consistently increase the quality and consistency of the parts we make.

With the opening of Jubel Hall and its state-of-the-art machine shop, we can use 4-axis CNC machining, CNC lathing, waterjetting, casting and many other techniques to make our designs come to life.


Ultimately, our designs don't matter unless they work as intended. We test and validate our designs using an astounding array of sensors, including brake temperature and pressure sensors, strain gauges, 3-axis gyroscopes, accelerometers, wheel-speed sensors and onboard GPS telemetry.

When things don't go as planned, we revamp our designs and keep steadfastly pushing to make sure our vehicle is the best it can be.


None of the incredible work we do at WashU Racing would be possible without our sponsors. Thank you very much for your continuing support.